2016 Hudson Valley Irish Fest Spoken Word Tent & Lineup


We are delighted that the 2nd Spoken word tent will, once again, be masterfully curated by our Poet Laureate Tim Dwyer, returned from bringing a 1916 Easter Centenary Show of Song, Story and Poetry on a successful Tour of Ireland.

Our Spoken Word Tent Features AOH National 1916 Easter Rising Centenary Commemorative Displays and Artistic Portraiture Representations of the 1916 Leaders by John Munnelly

1pm- Ancient Irish Poem/Song, Summer Is Gone, In Old Irish and English,
translation by Tim Dwyer

1:10 PM- Honoring, Father Mychal Judge, the ‘Saint of 9/11’ FDNY Chaplain and Leitrim born Franciscan,  with an article read by Tim Dwyer, and Fr. Judge’s last Homily read by Sean Woltman

1:20 PM- Guest Poet Patricia Brody, published with premier Irish Press, Salmon Poetry

1: 35 PM- Great Irish Poets, including Irish language poem with Patricia and Sean

1:45 PM- Guest Poet David McLoghlin, published with Salmon Poetry

2:00 PM- Great Irish Poets, including Irish language poem with David and Sean

img_64672:05 PM- Tom McGrath, Memoir of Long Distance Running for Charitable Causes

2:25 PM- Tim Dwyer, Reflections of The Rising Through Poetry, special honor to James Connolly, poems by Tim and other poets

2:40 PM- Great Irish Poets including Irish language poem with Tim and Sean

2:45 PM- Bob Bateman, The Fenian Rising in Canada, 1867

3:05PM- 4:15PM- Irish American Writers And Artists Salon

Hosted by John Kearns, IAW&A Salon Host Extraordinaire

The Hudson Valley Irish Fest Spoken Word Tent is honored to once again to host our great friends from this dynamic groups of Irish and Irish American Writers and Artists.


This year our roster includes:

John Brennan – author of award winning memoir, Don’t Die with Regrets

Eamon Loingsigh – author of Light of the Diddicoy and the forthcoming Exile on Bridge Street

Marni Rice – accordionist, singer, writerimg_6472

John Munnelly – songwriter and writer

Ryan Cahill – singer

Gary Cahill – crime fiction writer

Tom Mahon – short-story writer

Mark Butler- Monologue

John Kearns – author of Dreams and Dull Realities. Reading an excerpt from his novel in progress, Worlds.