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We truly do wish to thank those who make online donations to Hudson Valley Irish Fest.   The pass codes are our gift for your donations.   They grant free entry to the festival and are only usable once on the day of the festival, Septemper 25th, 2021, RAIN OR SHINE.

How this works ...

Fill in this form and make your donation through Paypal.   You may use your credit or debit card.   Be sure the email you enter is a real, active account that you have immediate access to.   After you have completed making a donation, you will receive an email receipt from Paypal.   You will also receive an email ticket from "".   Please be sure to look at your spam folders if you don't see these right away.

On the day of the festival be sure your whole group is together at the gate.   The email ticket has 2 pass codes, the ticket number and the key.   You may print the email before and hand it in at the gate, or you may show the email ticket on your smart phone at the gate.   The volunteer at the gate will enter the ticket number, and check that the key matches our records.   If it is good, you and your group will be admitted to the festival, your Ticket number will be marked as used and will no longer be valid.


NO PETS!     (Properly documented service animals are allowed).

The festival pass codes are a thank you gift for your donation, and have no monetary value.


Dear friends, all online donations have an overhead expense for Paypal's processing fees.   We thought you would like to know what those fees are, and give you the opportunity to kick in just a little bit extra to cover them.   We made this an option because we also want to allow for those who prefer their donation to be the same whether it's cash at the gate or an online donation, just to be fair.   By default, we assume you would wish to make this little extra donation, but please feel free to opt out.   We are grateful for all your donations.

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